Best Islands In The Maldives For Honeymoon (2023-2024)

Naveed Abbas
Naveed Abbas

Maldives consists of 1,000 coral islands and over 26 oval-shaped atolls. For this reason, it has established an excellent reputation as the most exotic honeymoon destination.

However, there are a variety of artificial-created private islands in the Maldives, especially for those who want a romantic vacation. Newlyweds from all around the world seek Maldives as the best island for honeymoons. And this is because of the beautiful corals, turquoise lagoons, chic overwater villas, and phenomenal white-sand beaches.

This guideline depicts the best islands in the Maldives for the honeymoon (2023-2024).

How Many Islands Are In The Maldives?

The Maldives is the most popular and unique island destination. The country is divided into 20 natural atolls, each with its own unique set of islands. They include uninhabited islands, resort islands, inhabited islands, and even several disappeared islands.

Also, the Maldives comprise 1,190 coral islands grouped with atolls in the Indian Ocean.

Does Maldives Have 1200 Islands?

You might not know, but Maldives lies in the Indian subcontinent’s south-west. In addition, it consists of almost 1,200 islands. And most of these islands are uninhabited. However, the coral islands don’t stand any more than six feet (1.8 meters) above sea level. It puts this country at more risk of rising sea levels linked with global warming.

Top 10 Most Visit Islands In Maldives For Honeymoon In 2023

Let’s dive into the list of the 10 most visited islands in Maldives for honeymoon 2023.

● Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island is located on the eastern side of Maldives, 40 miles away from the nearest international airport. It is considered the best honeymoon island because of its sun-kissed beaches, spa centers, and crystal-clear waters.

The Alimatha Aquatic is one of the best resorts in the Maldives islands. This resort offers wonderful stay points in the form of overwater properties and beach bungalows.

Best Visiting Time

On top of that, the best time to visit the Alimatha island is from May to November.

Nearby Restaurants

The Alimatha Island nearby restaurants are Plumeria Beach Restaurant and Dream Hut Fulidhoo.

Beautiful Experiences

Are you a newlywed couple? You can get the mesmerizing massage from Ayurvedic massage centers & spas. Besides, you can also try scuba diving, snorkeling, or even go on different boat trips.

Best Places to Stay

The best places on Alimatha Island you must stay are Dhiggiri Resort, Nakai Resort Alimatha, Plumeria Maldives, and Ecoboo Maldives.

Islands In The Maldives

● Hulhumalé Island

The artificial island has a mystical and natural appearance, which supports green architecture. With dreamy coastlines, Hulhumale Island offers plenty of nightlife and recreation activities. It is undeniably a perfect island for couples because of less crowds.

Lovebirds can spend a golden and peaceful time on this island while enjoying the enthralling view. You must visit this place to enjoy beachy vibes and activities.

Best Visiting Time

However, the best time to visit Hulhumale Island is from November to March.

Restaurants to Eat

Enjoy your meal at Bombay Darbar, Kavarna, Zaatar Cafe, Shell Beans Hulhumale, and GG’s Kitchen and Bistro.

Beautiful Experiences

You can have an enhanced romance experience by taking a boat tour to Dolphin spotting, indulging in jet-skiing, etc.

Best Places to Stay

Above all, the best places to stay on this island are Hathaa Beach Maldives, Acacia Beach Hotel, and Amber Beach Hotel.

● Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo island lies in the South Mal – Atoll. Want to enjoy a serene honeymoon? You must visit this island in the Maldives. Additionally, it has massive vegetation growth, including mangoes, cabbage, bananas, coconuts, tomatoes, and cucumbers as well.

This island is very famous for a number of watersports and sparkling waters. Enjoy your journey to Maldives by flying to Velena International Airport by plane, then book a cab.

Best Visiting Time

Couples must book their flights to this captivating island between December and April.

Best Places to Stay

Sun Siyam Olhuveli, Kurumba Maldives, and Velassaru Maldives are the best places to stay at Biyadhoo Island.

Where to Eat

Couples can eat together at Biyadhoo’s best restaurants, like Sea Fire Salt, Cumin, and Fine Bake by Suzy.

Never-Ending Experiences

Love birds can go scuba diving, snorkeling, and canoe paddling for a never-ending experience in the Maldives.

● Fihalhohi Island

Newlyweds must visit Fihalhohi Maldives island resort for a romantic honeymoon. This island is well-recognized for romance and beauty. Furthermore, the pristine beaches on the Fihalhohi island, shaded by a number of coconut palm trees, are indeed romantic.

Furthermore, the water bungalows of this island give love birds a heavenly feeling. To make your honeymoon time more remarkable and memorable, you must visit this place.

Best Time to Visit

So, when should you visit this mesmerizing island? January is the best time to visit.

Where Can You Eat Together

You can eat together at Blue Lagoon Bar, Fisherman’s Bar, Palm Groove, and many other restaurants.

Places Where You Should Stay

Moreover, you can stay at The Blue Olhuveli Romance, Rosy Villa Hotel, and many other similar hotels on Fihalhohi Island.

Enchanting Experiences

Couples can satiate their thrill by enjoying water sports. Besides, they can take a deep diving exploration as well.

Resorts in the Maldives islands

● Maafushi Island

Are you ready to celebrate the beginning of your new life chapter by relaxing and enjoying your love? If so, you should book a flight to Maafushi Island in the Maldives. Thanks to its thrilling activities and splendid resorts, it is ranked one of the best islands.

Furthermore, newlyweds can make their honeymoon an ever-lasting affair with a thrilling touch. In short, Maafushi Island is an enchanting hotspot for newlywed couples.

Best Visiting Time

Above all, the best time for honeymooners to visit Maafushi Island is January and February.

Nearby Restaurants

Nearby restaurants include Blossom Cafe, Bandharu Kada, Arena Beach Restaurant, and Maladiwa Melon Restaurant.

Best Places to Stay

On top of that, the best resort hotels are Nirvana Guesthouse and Maafushi.

Beautiful Experiences

Moreover, honeymooners can go on catamaran rides and snorkeling. They can even take a beautiful island-hopping boat tour.

● Veligandu Island

Just like the Kudadoo Maldives private island, the Veligandu island is the best romantic place for newlyweds. Additionally, this mesmerizing island lies in North Ari Atoll. This place is replete with shimmering and greenery waters, adding a serene aura.

Also, Veligandu Island is the gem of the Indian Ocean. A whimsical paradise of powdery sand beaches, swaying palm trees, exuberant coral reefs, and crystal-clear water.

Best Time to Visit

However, January, February, and May are the best times to visit this captivating island.

Amazing Places to Stay

The fantastic places where love birds can stay are West Sands, Acqua Blu Rasdhoo, and Gangehi Island Resort.

Restaurants to Eat

Further, honeymooners can eat delicious food at Alimente, Haruge Restaurant, Icoco, Palm Shadow Restaurant, etc.

Sensational Experiences

Couples can enjoy scuba-diving at the astonishingly alluring lagoons here. Not only this but also they can rejuvenate at the Veligandu Island Resort’s Duniye Spa.

● Malé Island

If you are a luxury-seeker couple, Malé Island is the best honeymoon place for you. However, the major Maldives International Airport is also located on this island. Therefore, you must ideally visit this beautiful island at the start of your honeymoon.

People often dismiss this place as a destination with a few sightseeing options. But you should never miss this place to enjoy the new chapter of your life with full romance.

Best Visiting Time

If you’ve planned your honeymoon in the Malé island. Then, November and December are the ideal time to visit this place in the Maldives.

Conrad Maldives rangali island

Nearby Restaurants

Moreover, you can enjoy romantic dinners at many nearby restaurants in the Maldives. For instance, Seagull Café and Belle Amie Bistro.

Best Places to Stay

The best nearby places for lovebirds are the Maldives by Shangri-La, Maagiri Hotel, and Hotel Gen Malé.

Dazzling Experiences

Take a dip in the Artificial Beach of this island and indulge in underwater scooter riding. Apart from this, Mal-Fish Market, Grand Friday Mosque, Sultan Mosque, and Mal-S-National Museum are some beautiful places you should visit.

● Nalaguraidhoo Island

Newlywed couples can go for a romantic honeymoon at the Conrad Maldives rangali island. But Nalguraidhoo Island is considered the best point of attraction in Maldives. Furthermore, this island is recognized for its natural beauty and picturesque setting.

Whether you want a honeymoon destination or enjoy your holidays, Nalaguraidhoo is the best choice. You’ll be mesmerized by its scenic landscapes and magical sunsets.

Best Visiting Time

However, honeymooners should visit this Maldives island in February for a more memorable experience.

Where to Eat

You can enjoy eating tasty food at Maaniya restaurant, Grill Terrace, Mekunu Bar, etc.

Nearby Hotels to Stay

Above all, Holiday Island Resort and Sun Island Resort are places newlyweds can stay.

Memorable Honeymoon

The Nalaguraidhoo island is adorned with charming blue waters, lush greenery, and stunning beaches. For this reason, this island serves as the best escape for lovebirds.

● Vaadhoo Island

You can now fulfill your promise to give your lover glittering stars with Vaadhoo Island. Besides, this Maldives island offers newlyweds a unique honeymoon experience via its natural phenomena. Notably, the beautiful Vaadhoo Island is called the Sea of Stars.

On top of that, this island glows blue in the dark because of the phytoplankton in the sea. Make cherishable moments with your life partner by holding each other’s hands.

Best Time to Visit This Island

If you want to give your life partner a mystical surprise, take him/her to Vaadhoo Island. However, it is advisable to visit this place in May and November.

Nearby Places You Can Stay

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Resort and Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma are the best nearby places to stay.

Where to Eat

Moreover, the fine dining restaurant for newlyweds is Farivalhu.

Never-Ending Life Experiences

Relax on the sandy beaches and witness the mesmerizing Sea of Stars under the moonlight on Vaadhoo Island.

● Villingili Resort Island

Villingili Resort Isladn is the honeymooners’ delight. In addition, this island encapsulates the idyllic island lifestyle and timeless elegance. The private pool villas are the main Maldivian Retreat. Additionally, it comprises over 36 water villas and 59 beach villas.

This island typically lies in the Addu Atoll. For honeymooners, this Maldives island offers white sandy beaches, a spa, an infinity pool, and many luxurious bungalows and villas.

Best Time to Visit

However, newlyweds must plan their honeymoon on this island in November and April.

Nearby Restaurants to Eat

Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with your lover at Palm Village and Fashala.

Best Hotels to Stay

Also, there are many hotels where honeymooners can stay comfortably. For example, Equator Village and Shangri La’s Villingili Resort Island and Spa.

Indulge Yourself in Romantic Activities

Lovebirds can relax on white sandy beaches, go on an oceanic adventure, and hike through the beautiful tropical forest.

Maldives island resort


Have you made your plan for a memorable honeymoon trip to the Maldives? Each of the above-mentioned islands in the Maldives is best for its unique attributes. Thus, don’t forget to add these islands to your travel plan for a romantic honeymoon experience.


1. Which is the No. 1 island in Maldives?

There are many beautiful islands in the Maldives. But Vakkara is the most favorite island. It is located in the Baa Atoll’s pristine corner. Despite this, Vakkara was opened for visiting purposes in late 2017 and is the perfect choice for couples and families alike.

2. Are Maldives expensive?

Are you planning a trip to Maldives? If so, it can be an expensive trip due to the resort’s luxurious offerings and the remote location. Therefore, it is advisable to research properly to find the best budget options and deals available as per your preferences.

3. Will the Maldives be here in 20 years?

By 2025, over 80% of the Maldives could become uninhabitable because of global warming. This low-lying island is susceptible to being completely submerged. Not only this but also a minor increase in the sea level can have disastrous consequences.

4. Is Maldives a man-made island?

Surprisingly, not all islands in the Maldives are real. Instead, they are still known as artificial or man-made islands. In fact, these islands are created due to rising sea levels and low-lying terrains. The purpose of it is to help the hotel, hostel, and other industries.

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