How many resorts are there in the Maldives?

Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal

Are you thinking about the best place to stay in Maldives? Well, you just need a tour guide to resolve your confusion first. There is a myth about that tourist destination that it is too expensive. However, you can cut many extra wages to reduce the price of the tour. In the following article, we will tell you how many resorts are there in the Maldives and what are the expensive ones, such as Soneva Jani Maldives. Before booking your trip, you must know about the all-inclusive Maldives resorts.  They are highly budget-friendly resorts. Keep reading to know everything!

Overview of the Maldives and its tourism industry

Tourism is one of the most significant sources of income for the people in Maldives. The country welcomes almost millions of tourists every year. The reason behind its fame is its beautiful islands. The islands are situated in the Indian Ocean. The beautiful color of the ocean, azure water, crystal clear white colored sand on the beach, and extremely beautiful views of the ocean are the main attractions for tourists.

Importance of resorts in the Maldives

There are almost 132 resort islands in the Maldives. All of these islands have incredible facilities and almost all features to enhance your traveling experience. Following are some important factors that enhance the importance of the best place to stay in Maldives:

Soneva Jani Maldives

● Adventurous Activities that You Can Perform

There are several interesting activities available on the beach resorts that you can perform. People who like surfing or scuba diving enjoy the azure water of the Indian Ocean. Similarly, you can go snorkeling and swimming around the beautiful sea turtles and colorful corals. There are many beautiful ocean plants and other creatures that you can see while swimming. Above all, if you do not know surfing or scuba diving, you can take classes. On different islands, they allow you to take lessons, especially if you are on a 7-day or more than 7-day tour.

● Capture the Best Memories

Maldives would be the best holiday destination for you if you love photography or want to capture sensational views. You can capture the seamless beauty of nature without any issues. These memories will stay with you forever. Moreover, there are photography studios available on different islands where you can get professional help to make your moment more beautiful and refreshing.

● Relax Yourself Out of Stress

Holidays are meant for relaxation and rest. You must visit the spa and yoga centres available on the island. During your visit to the Maldives, you can also sign up for yoga lessons. They have experts from different countries for your assistance.

● Enjoy the Local Culture

Maldivian society is rich in its culture. They have these incredible artifacts and handicraft, which presents the sense of the art of that area. Moreover, you can go shopping or eat street food in the Maldives. They present Asia’s best seafood.

Number of resorts in the Maldives

Almost 160 All-inclusive Maldives resorts in the Maldives are fully available for tourists with all the luxury facilities. Each of these resorts has almost all the facilities. Some of them are underwater resorts that give an incredible view of life inside the Indian Ocean.

Types of resorts: Luxury, budget, and eco-friendly options

There are several types of resorts in the Maldives that welcome everyone, including singles, friend groups, couples, and families. Everyone is welcome there. However, the budget varies according to the island or resort you choose to live in. For example, you have to pay more if you book a private resort with 1st-class facilities and everything as compared to an economical deal.

Luxury Resorts

Luxury resorts are mostly the ones on these private islands. These resorts allow you to enjoy complete privacy. They have private pools, luxury rooms, private room service, and several other luxurious facilities. We are providing the details of some of these resorts in the following section:

Best place to stay in Maldives (2)

The St.Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

Everyone who loves uninterrupted luxury and exclusiveness will love it. This resort has an amazing water sports center. Moreover, the features like scuba diving, spa, and meditation centers. However, the main reason behind its popularity is its amazing bars. The place has a whale bar, a chic overwater bar, and a cocktail launch in a whale shape.

Lux* South Ari Atoll

It is a relaxing, safe, and 5-star luxury resort that has all the required facilities for visitors. It is the best place to stay in Maldives. The street food is easily available in this resort. You do not need to move away from the island. Moreover, you can see the sharks and other marine creatures even closer to your jetties.

Soneva Jani

A complete luxury tour experience, especially for those who are visiting with their families. This resort has the Maldives’s most fancy dining places. It offers both overwater and underwater villas. Moreover, you can enjoy the meal at floating restaurants that are inspired by local faunas.

Budget- Friendly and Economical Resorts

If you want both luxury and economical and budget-friendly resorts, Maldives allows you to choose some of the cheap living resorts. We are going to present a small list of All-inclusive Maldives resorts in the following:

Reethi Beach Resort

It is one of the most beautiful resorts for couples. It is the best place if you are looking for a honeymoon spot. The best thing about it is it is built on water. You can see the lush waves of the Indian Ocean from your bedroom.

Kandima Maldives

If you are a fan of clubbing and beach parties, you should go to Kandima Maldives. The beach is famous for wild parties and other things similar to them. This resort is a bit different from casual honeymoon and family resorts. The theme is new in the Maldives tourist market, but it is getting tourist attention with time. For party lovers, it is the best place to stay in Maldives.

Best place to stay in Maldives

Avani Maldives

It is one of the most popular and dream tourist destinations for a lot of people. The best thing about it is highly budget-friendly.


Maldives have been home to millions of tourists every year. They are building more and more destination places every year. You can choose any spot according to your budget. There are some general things that are available on every island, such as you can enjoy private pools, sitting areas, white sand on the beach, and direct access to the ocean. So, do not let your boredom kill you; buy the ticket and take off to the life’s best tour.


1. How many Maldives islands have resorts?

There are almost 132 resort islands in the Maldives. All of these resorts are available for the tourists. Some of the resorts are private, and some are publicly available. Moreover, there is a separate list of resorts on the beach, and the resorts are built on water.

2. How many islands are there in Maldives in 2023?

There are 1192 islands in the Maldives. These islands are called coral islands. They built a beautiful chain of places in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

3. How many islands in the Maldives are occupied?

There are 187 islands in the Maldives that are fully inhabited. There is no population on other islands. Any authority has not fully discovered some of these islands.

4. Which is the first resort in the Maldives?

The very first resort in the Maldives is Kurumba Resort. It was built in 1972 on the beautiful island of VahimanaaFushi. It is situated in the North of the Male.

5. Who owns the Maldives?

Maldives are generally an independent nation. It is the property of the Maldivian Government. No other country owns the Maldivian islands. The full name of the country is the Republican of Maldives.

6. Why is Maldives so expensive?

Maldives is so expensive because of its lavish and extremely luxurious tourist destinations. Maldives has the capacity to provide you with an out-class holiday tour with whatever you want to enjoy.

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