The 11 Best Things To Do Near Besant Nagar Beach

Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal

The Besant Nagar beach, also called Elliot’s beach, is located in Besant Nagar. It is the calmest place to live in Chennai. Also, Besant Nagar is unarguably the most fun beach in the city. It is a bustling hotspot with many places to shop, drink, eat, and hang out.

Dozens of places open up each month, which means there is always an opportunity to discover something new. Still, there are some mesmerizing activities you must perform near Besant Nagar. Let’s explore the 11 best things to do at Besant Nagar beach.

Exploring Besant Nagar Beach

Besant Nagar has become the must-visit point of attraction for tourists in Chennai. Want to end up with a memorable trip to Nagar Beach? Make sure to do the following things:

Besant Nagar beach

Street Food Haven

Coming to Besant Nagar and not visiting the street food is a crime. From Cheese Pani Puri to Sweet Lime Soda at the beach, it’s literally your oyster. When walking along the beach, you will see many stalls selling Fuljar Sodas and Potato Twisters. Not only this, but you can also customize the Potato Twister spice by adding sween Mexican sauces.

However, do not miss tasting the Corn on the cub, Sundal, fried fish, and milaga bajji.

Sunset Views at Theosophical Society

The Huddleston garden at Theosophical Society is a beautiful place. Apart from this, you will notice worship places of varied religions in this place. Additionally, this place is home to an utterly undisturbed ecosystem. The Huddleston garden comprises exotic trees and many other native fauna species, including wild cats, jackals, and fruit bats.

Walking near the trees and hares of this area gives a greater peace of mind.

Cycle Through the Roads

With trees covering the breezy ocean air and hood, areas like the Besant Nagar beach Chennai sound like a perfect paddling site. So, if you’re planning to explore Besant Nagar this month, it is advisable to cycle through the roads of this place. So, take your favorite bicycle, or else you can also do a refreshing jog to start your day with positivity.

Explore Dining Options

Cafes and restaurants are always busy and messy, from Superstar Pizza to BOATS. Whether you want to eat South Indian, Chinese, or Continental, eating at Besant Nagar beach restaurants is all fun. BOATS is the perfect dining option near the beach if you want to eat calamari or fries. Also, end your evening with some Mini pancakes.

Shiraz Art Cafe, Lobby Lounge, and Mash Resto Cafe are fantastic dining options.

Library Hopping

Besides its love for performing art and dance, Besant Nagar is famous as the literary culture centre of Chennai. There are dozens of well-known bookshops and libraries in Besant Nagar. Have you ever heard of the U Ve Swaminathan Lyer Library? It is known for Tamil literature, consisting of 33,000 books and over 2,2000 palm leaf manuscripts.

Other famous libraries have the Book World – Ilovereadin Library and Lending Library.

Temple Hopping

Although Besant Nagar has a cosmopolitan vibe, it also houses significant Hindu temples and worship places. However, the most famous temple in Chennai is the Ashtalakshmi temple. Also, it is the neigbourhood of the Besant Nagar beach Chennai. You must visit the Ratnagirishwarar Temple and Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple as well.

Besant Nagar beach Chennai

In short, temple hopping is also one of the best things you can do near Besant Nagar.

Nearby Landmarks and Attractions

Besant Nagar is close to various landmarks, including Mylapore, San Thome Cathedral, Fort St. George, Government Museum, and Mahabalipuram. Despite this, there are some other places of attraction. For example, Madhya Kailash Temple, Tholkappia Poonga, and many others. You must ensure to visit these landmarks for a memorial trip.

Turtle Walks

Chennai is not just limited to its autos and idlies. Instead, it is home to several Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. They usually come to Besant Nagar beach in nests between April and December. After 45 to 60 days, the hatchlings get released deep into the ocean. Trust us, it’ll be one of the most satisfying things you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

Walk Along the Beach of Elliot

When someone is talking about Besant Nagar, the first important thing that hits your mind is Elliot’s beach. It might seem like a bit of place or Marina Beach’s most minor version but don’t take it lightly. Hence, with fewer people and quieter waves, the Besant Nagar beach makes for a pleasant and refreshing walk during the sunrise and sunset.

Want a beachy experience? Blow some bubbles and stop at local stalls best work here.

Gaming and Arcade

If you want an evening of frolic and fun, there is no better place than Besant Nagar beach Chennai. You can play reality VR games, a futsal arena, a bowling alley, and many other arcade gaming activities. Even if you wish to go into nostalgia, the bouncy house at the beach is available. Enjoy gaming and arcade at the beach.

Must Visit Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge is another place you should visit in Chennai. It is counted as the most peaceful place in the city. In addition, Broken Bridge is a significant tourist attraction and a famous landmark. It is undeniably a tranquil place with mesmerizing views. In addition to this, people come to this place for drinking purposes. So, you must visit this place.

Top 5 Activities Near the Beach

● Playing in the Sand

Besant Nagar beach is the most famous spot for children to play in the waves and sand. Despite this, it is a great place for playing various games and castle-building purposes.

● Rock Pool Fun

Surprisingly, Besant Nagar is Chennai’s most crowded and largest beach. Not only this, but it is also an excellent place for rock pool fun, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

● Flying a Kite

On top of that, kite flying is one of the enthusiastic activities at Besant Nagar Chennai. There is also soccer and volleyball at the beach. You can watch the sunset as well.

● Having a Picnic on the Beach

Above all, Besant Nagar has also become the best picnic spot for families. Apart from this, the beach is known for its swaying palms, golden sand, and blue water as well.

● Beach Scavenger Hunt

If you want a fun activity at the beach, the beach scavenger hunt is the best choice. Also, with the help of this activity, children can learn about the coastal environment.

Besant Nagar beach restaurants

Wrapping It Up

Striking beaches, stunning temples, and bustling streets are some of the alluring places to visit in Chennai. The Besant Nagara has gracefully preserved its beauty. I hope you know clearly what to do when planning a trip to Besant Nagara Chennai.


1. How far is Besant Nagar from the beach?

The distance between Besant Nagar and Chennai Beach is around 10 kilometers. However, if you want to travel by road, Besant Nagar is 13.3 kilometers from the beach.

2. What are the other names of Besant Nagar Beach?

The other names of Besant Nagar Beach are ‘Bessie’ or Elliot’s Beach. It tends to form the Marina Beach shore’s endpoint. Also, Besant Nagar is named after Edward Elliot.

3. Which beach is better, Marina or Besant Nagar?

In comparison to Marina Beach, Besant Nagar Beach is much cleaner. For this reason, we can conclude that Besant Nagar is much better than Marina Beach.

4. Can we see the sunset in Besant Nagar Beach?

Yes, you can easily be mesmerized by Besant Nagar’s sunset views. Besant Nagar is famous for being the most popular and cleanest place to watch sunset in the city.


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