Top 10 best luxury hotels in Maldives 2023

Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal

Are you confused about the best Hotels in the Maldives? We are here to ease your confusion. Maldives has become the hub for romantic tours. Those Maldives hotels on the water and the starry sky above are everything you need to make your evening even more romantic and beautiful. 

In the following article, we will cover the details of different 5-star hotels in Maldives. We will explain their features, location, and distance from the airports. Read the whole guide to take a quick look at each hotel in Maldives.

Is Maldives a Luxury Travel Destination?

Maldives is a place of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels and resorts on the planet. Due to its marvelous scenes and incredible destination spot, it has become the center of attention. Maldives has carved its top tourist spots in the tour industry. 

You can enjoy your holidays in wonderful resorts, beautiful hotels, and the rich marine life of the Indian Ocean. The place is located on a small island that is surrounded by azure water and colorful lagoons. It feels like a paradise on earth. 

Therefore, it has become a hub for honeymoon spots or family tours.

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Expenses You Required for a Tour to Maldives

There are several budget-friendly deals that you can buy for the Maldives tour. However, it is still a bit more expensive than other places. You must consider the timing of the tour and other essential requirements. You should plan everything according to the budget and consider taking economical deals. It will help you save some expenses. 

Best Hotels in Maldives

There are several hotels with different specialties. However, it is up to the visitor what they want to try or what type of facility they are looking for. No matter what you choose, you will enjoy the clear water of the ocean and peaceful starry nights in the Maldives. Following are some top hotels in the Maldives and other Maldives hotels on water.

Kurumba Maldives

The hotel is situated at North Male Atoll, Maldives. You need to take a short boat journey to reach the hotel from Male Hotel. The best thing about Kurumba is that it is nearer the Male Airport. By leaving the airport, you will reach the hotel in almost 10 minutes. This hotel could be a great choice for those who have Long traveling or Long flights to reach Maldives. You can go to your room and get some rest as soon as you reach the Maldives.

Hotels in the Maldives



Moreover, another interesting fact about Kurumba is it was the first-ever hotel in the Maldives in 1975. It is one of the oldest hosts who is serving visitors in Maldives.

What Does it Offer?

There are beautiful and wide rooms with elegant interiors. The rooms are big enough and provide refreshing looks and a peaceful holiday. Each room has a private pool and attached bathroom. There are several lush gardens, beautiful restaurants, spa centers, and swimming pools. Moreover, the hotel is near the city area, which means you can also visit the local Maldives restaurants and local markets. 

Coco Palm Dhoni Kohlu

It is a beautiful five-star hotel collection that is part of Coco Collection Resort. It is located at a distance of 125km from the main Maldive island, Male. The hotel is surrounded by white sand, beautiful clean water, and azure and colorful lagoons. It has become one of the most favorite hotels for tourists. There is an elegant, lush forest to see the natural beauty. 

There are 2 bars and 3 restaurants where you can get delicious seafood and other international dishes. 

What does it Offer?

You can enjoy snorkeling among coral reefs, turtles, beautiful underwater plants, and other sea creatures. You can go to yoga classes, gym practices, spas, and other physical therapies. They have the best therapists from different countries. You can enjoy swings and walk on the clear white sand beach. The scene looks even more charming in the evening. It is the best place not only to feel relaxed but to take pictures. The moments will cherish your memories forever.

Kuramathi Maldives

It is one of the biggest hotels in the Maldives and a part of locally owned resorts. The hotel welcomes everyone, including friend groups, families, couples, and solos. The place is located at a distance of 56km from Velana International Airport. It is situated in a 1.8km area. Therefore, they provide a buggy to travel from one place to another in that hotel. 

Hotels in the Maldives

Due to its large size, they have divided the resort into three different villages. 

Exciting Offers at Kuramathi

It provides a huge range of 21 restaurants with hundreds of delicious food options. These restaurants are divided among all three villages. Similarly, there are 360 villas for the guests. Some of them have the facility of infinity pools and beautiful scenes from the Indian Ocean. The hotel provides you with medical facilities in case of injury or medical emergency. 

Club Med Kani – Maldives

The place is located 20km away from the capital of Maldives. The location is based on a 2km area of a private island near Hulhul Island. It provides excellent services of tasty food and all beverages to its customers. The hotel has different small restaurants with a variety of seafood, Asian, and Mediterranean dishes.

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Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

Are you dreaming about a peaceful place to go for the holidays? We assure you that Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is your place. Their beautiful visuals will provide you with mindblowing experiences. The place is worth every penny. From the beautiful rooms of villas, you can see the sunsets and sunrises. By lying on the bed, you can see the sun sinking into the water. This mesmerizing memory will remove all of your stress and tension. 

Best resorts in Maldives

What Do They Provide?

These villas also have private infinity pools and both inside and outdoor showers. They have honeymoon-dedicated villas with romantic lights and aspiring interiors to make your honeymoon memories a huge raise. You can take their offered packages. It will save you some expenses. Moreover, by taking a package, you can get unlimited food and drinks from the hotel.

Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

One of the most beautiful hotels among the list of 5-star hotels in Maldives. The hotel has the best and most luxurious spa center. The hotel is located at Noono Atull island, which is a group of different small islands. The rooms are built over the water with glass floors, so you can see the shining waves of the Indian Ocean.

So pack your things and grab the opportunity to walk in the beautiful land of paradise in SunSiyam Iru Fushi.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

It is about 20 minutes away from the Male International Airport. The whole property is surrounded by the crystal clear water of the ocean and beautiful lagoons. At this place, you will feel like any place from the animated world of Disneyland. The spectacular scenes will refresh your mind in a second. 

Other Specifications

The villas are built over water. Each room has a beautiful interior and texture, a minibar, and a television for visitors. There are three types of rooms available for the tourists. First is Silver Sky Studio. They are located on the second floor, are really small, and have an indoor shower. They provide a fabulous view of the outside world. Second is Silver Beach Studio, which has the same features as the Sky Studio. However, it has an outdoor shower, too. The third is the silver family suit duplex. They are dedicated to the families. These rooms have beds for kids and baby cout. It also provides a supply of diapers, anything a baby needs for the comfort of their family. 

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

It is 164km away from the Velana International Airport. Therefore, you need to take a boat ride for almost 40 minutes to reach the hotel. The hotel is famous due to its unique style of interior covered with beautiful bamboo and other plants. It is one of the top hotels in the Maldives, with natural features such as langhi langhi leaves and sea stones. It provides a beautiful starry sky view to the visitors. 

Other Offerings of Emerald Hotel

The rooms are spacious and fully airconditioned. Each villa has open pools and outdoor showers. Each room has a king-size bed, TVs, and walk-in and outdoor features. There are several types of villas here in this hotel, where you can enjoy a marvelous tour during your vacations:

Best hotels in the Maldives

  • Marina Beach Villa

These are more like the private villas located in front of the private marina. These villas have a private pool, garden, bathroom, bedroom, and outdoor patios. 

  • Beach Villas

These are beautiful villas right in front of the beach with a beautiful outdoor pool, garden, open patio, and spacious bedrooms.

  • Jacuzzi Beach

These beaches provide an incredible beachfront view. Above all, these beachfronts are private. Only you can use the space as long as you are staying there. These private Jacuzzis are located in incredible locations and provide the most relaxing experience to the visitors.

  • Family Beach Villas

They are perfect for a family tour. These suits carry space for a private bedroom, kid’s bedroom, open area, and enough space for everyone.

  • Royal Beach Villas

They are relevantly larger villas. It carries a large private room, jacuzzi, and kitchen. It is situated on two floors. 

Villa Nautica, Maldives

It is a famous hotel in Maldives which is popular with the name of Paradise Island. It is a 25-minute ride from Male International Airport. It mostly gives the vibe of a boutique. It is full of lush sceneries of beautiful island forests and shiny ocean water. You will get several food items and a variety of Asian food, along with almost all types of seafood there. 

There is a famous restaurant, Furamathi, which is popular for its incredible seafood dishes. If you are planning to visit Villa Nautica, you must try their delicious food items.

Varu By Atmosphere

This dreamy place is located at the North Male Atoll. This is an ideal place for water sports and infinity pools. Moreover, there is a beautiful house of reef where you can see the wonders of beautiful marine creatures. 

Everything in this place is unique and marvelous. They provide almost all types of breakfast, salad types, both English and Asian Lunch and every type of

5-star hotels in Maldives

 seafood. We are telling you this is the place you are looking for. Enjoy the happy time!


Maldives provides a great opportunity for visitors and tourists to enjoy quality time. The place holds the capacity to leave a long-lasting impact on your memories. So, if you are deciding to spend your money on an incredible tour of the Maldives, you must know about the top hotels in the Maldives. The visuals are worth your money!


  1. Which is the best luxury hotel in Maldives?

Several hotels provide a luxurious experience to the visitors, however, VARU by Atmosphere is the most famous and beautiful one.

  1. Which luxury hotel in Maldives is best for couples?

You can try any hotel with a private suite or infinity pools to enjoy your honeymoon. However, Hard Rock Motel provides the honeymoon-dedicated rooms to couples.

  1. Which luxury hotel in Maldives is best for families?

Emerald Maldives provides special Family beach villas. These rooms carry a separate kid’s room, playing area, kitchen, and open space for everyone.

  1. Which luxury hotel in the Maldives is best for diving and snorkeling?

Every hotel in the Maldives provides the facility for snorkeling. You can easily access the ocean and dive into the azure water of the Indian Ocean.

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