Top 10 Underrated Summer Travel Ideas Exploring Outdoor Activities

Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal

The Summer season is here. Are you looking for new places for summer travel? If you are bored with old vacation spots and want to explore underrated summer travel, this blog is here to help you. The summer season is attractive l for visitors. People prefer to travel to visit new areas and want to make their travel memorable. People who want to explore new and unique areas must learn to explore summer travel. This will solve your problem. This blog will discuss the ten underrated summer travel ideas in the USA. It will help you decide your summer destination. These places are underrated, and the cost of travel is reasonable. To enjoy outdoor activities, adventure, spotting wildlife, and different water activities in summer, read the blog to the end!

1. Exploring Santa Catalina Island, California:

If you want to explore different places that make your summer travel memorable, visit Santa Catalina Island. Santa Catalina Island is a lovely and famous tourist destination. It is located off the coast of Southern California, about 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles.

Outdoor activities on Santa Catalina Island

  • Catalina Golf Course
  • Hiking
  • Boat tour
  • Visit the Memorial Botanic Garden
  • Visit Catalina Island Museum
  • Snorkeling and Diving
  • Undersea voyage
  • Underrated summer travel ideas

Wildlife in Santa Catalina Island.

In the summer, there are three valid reasons to visit Catalina Island. One of them is Wildlife in Catalina. Birds migrate to Catalina in the summer, so there is a best chance to see unique birds. Snorkeling and scuba diving are famous summer activities in the Catalina. This activity allows you to see marine animals. Catalina is also called the island of Fox. Some unique foxes will be spotted in the summer. These foxes come out from their house during summer time. So, the travel to Catalina provides an excellent chance to see these foxes. In Catalina, you will also get a chance to see the whale.

 Water activities in the summer

● Snorkeling and Diving in shining water

The island is the best place for diving and snorkeling. The shining waters of this Island increase your interest in diving.

● Adventure of a scooter ride underwater

Summer travel gives you the chance of a scooter tour. It allows you to ride a motorized scooter beneath the sea’s surface. A guide will often guide such types of tours. The guideline of the local people taking you to see fascinating underwater scenes and marine life.

● Parasailing over the island of  Catalina

Parasailing above Catalina Island’s shining waters is very impressive. it makes your summer travel unique and memorable.

● Kayaking in the clear water of Catalina

Take an exciting ocean rafting tour to explore Catalina’s coastline. These boat trips frequently stop at remote coves and allow guests to observe wildlife.

Hiking, biking, ziplining, golf courses, and land tours are additional summertime activities that can add fun to your trip.

2. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina:

A trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, during the summer will be the best experience of your life. This island is highly recognized for its breathtaking coastline, lush surroundings, and various outdoor activities. Hilton Head is a barrier island and Lowcountry resort town in the United States in Beaufort County, South Carolina. It is located 95 miles (153 kilometers) southwest of Charleston and 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Savannah, Georgia.

Best Chance to Spot Wildlife

● See the Beautiful Dolphins.

In the summer time, dolphins are very active, and you get more chances to see them.

● Spot the Sea Turtles

Hilton Head Island is a nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles. These turtles come ashore and lay their eggs during the summer.

● Kayaking and canoeing

It allows you to get up close with various coastal wildlife, such as crabs,  birds, and maybe even dolphins in the path habitats.

● Alligators

Be ready to watch alligators in freshwater environments such as lagoons, ponds, and marshes.

Hilton Head Island also offers water sports such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, and paddleboarding.

Outdoor activities

  • Travel to the underrated summer travel provides you with outdoor activities
  • Underrated summer travel ideas (2)
  • Golf is the very famous sport of Hilton
    • In this place, alot of Water sports are available. You can enjoy it with the help of a local guide
    • Parasailing: Above the valley of Hilton, parasailing makes your summer travel enjoyable
    • Fishing: fishing is a popular activity during summertime
    • Zipline: over the mountain of Hilton, zipline will also make your summer trip more valuable.

Offbeat activities in Hilton’s head

  • You can make a personal dolphin visit
  • Tour of Creek Cats
  • Yoga on a paddle boat Night kayaking
  • Tour by underwater scooter

3. Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato, Mexico, is a hidden stone for summer travel.  In this travel, you will learn about historical places, different types of culture and breathtaking scenery. The deep buildings, meandering streets, and cultural festivals offer an immersive experience for those looking for something unique and exciting.

Outdoor activities

● Visit historical places.

Guanajuato is a historical place. In summer it is the best opportunity to visit this place.

● Hiking and nature tails:

Look into the hiking trails in the neighboring hills to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. From the higher sky, there are excellent views of the city.

● Callejoneadas:

It is a traditional and local music band. You will make toure to see this band.

Water activities

● La Gruta Hot Springs

You wil Discover the La Gruta hot springs, that is located near to Guanajuato. During hiking, you will take a break in this village.

● Kayaking in Presa de la Olla

Kayaking is available at the Presa de la Olla, which is near Guanajuato.

There is no typical water activity in Guanajuato. In this place, you will find many historical places that make your summer travel memorable.

4. Rustic Charms in Transylvania, Romania

Greetings from Transylvania, Romania, a region rich in culture, fascinating landscapes, and medieval wonders revealed by the magic of summer. Transylvania is located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. Summer offers the visitor to experience the mixture of local charm, history, and the natural world.

Outdoor activities during summer

● Hiking in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains brings your mind to peace and makes your summer trip more satisfying.

● Cycling adventure

Here is the best chance for those who are  interested in cycling adventure. Transylvania’s short and deep clean path gives you another level of satisfaction.

Wildlife in Transylvania, Romania

If you want to see wildlife in Romania, summer is the best time. Travel to Transylvania gives you a chance to see Romania’s unique and historical nature. Here are some more active animals. in summer and provide you with the opportunity to see them.

  • Bears
  • Wolves
  • Lynx

Water activities

● Water rafting

Thermal Baths in Baile Tușnad

The thermal baths and mineral waters of Baile Tușnad are well-known. Unwind in the warm thermal pools while admiring the breathtaking Transylvanian scenery.

● Kayaking and Canoeing on Mureș River

River sections divide different skill levels that provide a peaceful and scenic way to experience the countryside.

● Fishing in Transylvanian Lakes

Fishing is available in several of Transylvania’s lakes. Gather your fishing supplies and enjoy a peaceful day by the sea. Lake Sfanta Ana and Lake St. Ana are famous lakes with stunning natural surroundings.

Underrated summer travel ideas in the USA (2)

  • Boat Tours on Lake Tarnița

This lake situated close to Cluj-Napoca, Lake Tarnița, is a charming reservoir covered by woods. S Boat ride around the lake while observing the varied flora and fauna and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere.

● Rafting on the Bistrița River

Enjoy rafting on the Bistrița River. Water lovers will enjoy the river’s exhilarating rapids and amazing scenery.

Outdoor experiences

  • Trekking
  • Mounted riding
  • Mountain bike riding and cycling
  • Parachuting
  • clung to the stone.

5. Theth National Park, Albania

This area has the well-known “Lock-in Tower,” beautiful scenery, and traditional stone homes. Trek through the Valbona Pass and discover the attractive natural spring known as Blue Eye. Due to its unique blend of natural and cultural experiences, Theth is best for underrated summer travel.

Outdoor activities in the summer

  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Rafting

Wildlife spotting in the summer.

  • Bird Watching

There are many different kinds of birds in Theth National Park. Alpine choughs and golden eagles are two unique birds that you watch.

  • Watch Butterflies

During the summer, the park’s meadows flutter with vibrant butterflies.

  • Wildflowers and Fauna

See a variety of plants, including herbal remedies, and keep an eye out for foxes and wild goats in the area.

Water activities in the summer travel

  • Canyoning
  • Climb waterfall rappels and squeeze through slender gorges to discover Theth’s canyons.
  • Swimming in Natural Pools
  • Take a cool plunge in the Valbona River’s pristine waters.
  • Fishing
  • Enjoy the customs of traditional Albanian fishing in the lakes and rivers of the park.

Outdoor adventures

  • Local Guides

Get firsthand knowledge of Theth’s natural treasures by conversing with informed local guides.

Underrated summer travel ideas in the USA

  • Cultural Immersion

For a genuine experience, mingle with the friendly locals, eat some of the cuisine, and stay in traditional guesthouses.


  • Ready for unpredictable weather, drink plenty of water and let someone know you’re going hiking.

6. San Juan Islands, Washington

In the series of underrated summer travel in the USA, San Ju, an Islands is one of them. This is a  natural paradise in the world. These islands offer breathtaking scenery and a comfortable climate. Highlights on San Juan Island are whale-watching opportunities, lush forests, and charming coastal villages. San Juan Islands is the lesser-known summertime travel destination on the West Coast. The San Juan Islands boast stunning scenery and a serene atmosphere.

Wildlife spotting in summer

  • The interesting sight of orcas and humpback whales in their natural habitat can be experienced by taking a guided tour.
  • Come to haul-out locations to see seals and sea lions playing and sunning themselves.
  • A large number of bald eagles can be found living on the islands.

Outdoor activities during summer

● Kayaking on the island

Summer gives you the chance to see wildlife. You can explore the island’s bays, coves, and coastlines on a kayak.

● Chance to see Whale Watching

It’s a common pastime in the San Juan Islands to see orcas. Join a whale-watching trip for an unforgettable experience.

● Hiking

You can explore beautiful paths with attractive views of the neighboring islands, such as Orcas Island’s Mount Constitution.

● Cycling

Enjoy cycling along the shore of the sea and charming towns and beautiful scenery.

Offbeat water activities

  • Boating on Lake Chelan
  • Float Away with Methow Rafting
  • Bellevue Beach Parks
  • Salmon and Trout Fishing
  • Underwater Photography Experience

Outdoor Adventure

  • Campfire on the Beech
  • Visit of lighthouse
  • Zipline
  • Visit to the farm

7. Discover the Tranquility of the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands provide a calm haven from the stresses of daily life. The Apostle Islands is ideal for summer travel because of its stunning scenery and unusual sea caves.

Outdoor summer activities

Trekking and Unsurfaced Paths

Tracking to the unsurfaced paths gives you pleasure.

Paddling a kayak or canoe

Take a kayak tour of the Apostle Islands’ sea caves or discover uncharted coves elsewhere.

Stargazing Campsite Camping in approved locations allows you to enjoy the surrounding area’s scenic beauty.


When you get there, you can take a bike ride along scenic routes to take in the new surroundings and clean air.

Spotting wildlife


The islands are home to a variety of birds. Many species are visible, including eagles, hawks, owls, and large waterfowl.


You might see beavers, red foxes, white-tailed deer, and other small mammals when exploring the islands.

Water activities during summer travel

  • Kayaking in the water
  • Enjoy the travel of a sailboat
  • Summer gives you a chance to see Sea Caves
  • Take a Twist on Paddle Boarding and Snorkeling or Underwater Photography

Other Outdoor activities

● Ride to  Madeline Island

Another well-famous Apostle Island activity is taking a ride from Bayfield to Madeline Island, especially for families.

● Adventure of hiking

Apostle Island consists of a 50-mile-long hiking track. During the summertime, this beautiful track that is full of greenery enhances your peace of mind.

● Superior Lake tour

Superior Lake is one of the famous lakes of Apostle Island. In the summertime, this lake is full of fresh and clear water, allowing you to observe and enjoy the natural beauty.

Underrated summer travel ideas (3)

8. The Mystique of Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

The Cordilleras of the island of Luzon are home to the rice terraces. The Ifugao people are farmers of wet rice. They lived in the isolated region about 220 miles from Manila for a long time. They started constructing the decks around the first century.

Summertime is the best time to explore outside areas and go to the beach.  The weather is warm and dry from March to May. Water sports like diving and snorkeling are perfect in the summer because the sea is usually calm and visible.

Outdoor activities during summer trip

  • Terraces provide a lot of outdoor activities, especially in summer.
  • Mount Amuyao Trekking and Hiking
  • Tasting local meals such as pinikpikan
  • Trying native rice wine and coffee from Ifugao
  • Participating in cultural pursuits with the community
  • observing locals make artisanal trinkets

Spotting wildlife in summer,

Banaue Rice Terraces is famous for its breathtaking agricultural scenery and as a wildlife destination. The Philippines’ Banaue Rice Terraces still offer summertime opportunities to see some local wildlife in the surrounding areas.

Offbeat water activities during summer trip

The Banaue Rice Terraces is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site well-known for its striking scenery. The surrounding area offers some unusual water-related experiences, even though the terraces are not a place for water sports.

Outdoor Adventure

● Experience like homestay

Choose a homestay in one of the nearby villages rather than staying in a traditional hotel. You can live with and learn from the local communities caring for the terraces for many years.

● Trekking to Bated Village

Bated Village is one of the famous villages. The track of this village is less rushed which gives the opportunity to attract local people, especially in the summer.

● Visit to Tam-an Village Museum.

See the exhibits of traditional Ifugao culture and artifacts at the Tam-an Village Museum.

9. Lofoten, Norway

Summer is the best time for a first visit and an introduction to Lofoten at its liveliest. July and August will be your best time for good weather and long, endless days, and all tourism-related businesses wil open.

Underrated summer travel ideas (4)

Outdoor activities during summer travel:


Reinebringen, Kvalvika Beach and Ryten are the best hiking places.

● Rock climbing

Svolvaergeita is well known for climbing. You enhance your climbing experience with the help of an expert.

● Horse riding

Summer gives you the opportunity to go horse riding near the shore of Beech.

Wildlife spotting during summer

Mammals can be seen behind lush plants.  Coastal areas attract visitors to see marine life, including whale migration and the opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive beneath clear underwater ecosystems. Butterflies and other colorful insects have become commonplace in gardens and meadows.

Water activities in Summer

Lofton has many water sports opportunities, like kayak tours to Skrova Island, safari tours to Trafford Island, fishing, and private boating trips.

Outdoor Adventure

● Northern Lights view:

March is the best time to see the light coming from the sky.

● Photography:

If you are a photographer, Lofton is your best destination. In the summer, the light is warm and soft, which creates a smoothing effect.

● Picnic near the Beech

There are a lot of places in Lofton for picnics. Yo:u can choose your picnic point according to your mood.

● View of the midnight sun

The midnight sun season in Lofoten lasts from May 28 to July 14. The sun shines day and night during these months and never gets dark.

 10. Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Laka ouachita increases your charm of summer because of different factors such as water activities, fishing season, hiking, wildlife observation, and camping. In the United States, west-central Arkansas is home to Lake Ouachita. It is located close to Hot Springs in the Ouachita National Forest.

Underrated summer travel ideas in the USA (3)

Outdoor activities

  • Hiking: Summer is the best time for hiking in Ouachita
  • Boating: during summer, the water of Lake Ouachita increases, so it’s the best time for boating.
  • Swimming: there are two swimming beech and ten swimming areas that open in the summer season
  • Fishing: during summer, fishing opportunities open in this lake.
  • Scuba diving in the lake: the water of Ouachita Lake is spotless, fresh and clear. Scuba diving is available during summer, allowing you to see water cremation.
  • Camping: camping is also available in different places, especially in summer.

Spot Wildlife in Summer

In summer, many species become more active and visible. Summer travel allows you to spot them. Ponds animals, such as frogs and toads, are more active and visible close to water sources. Marine life, like whales and dolphins, may be visible to people close to the coast during travel.

Outdoor Adventure

Hiking to the Ouachita Mountains in the summer season is impressive, unique and adventurous. You can explore these mountains on foot, bike ride, and jeep.


You must have learned everything about the 10 underrated summer travel ideas for the USA. Just be careful about the health issues that you need to face during the summer. So keep a water bottle, wet wipes, and hats with you to avoid sun tanning or heating. Enjoy flawless summers with your family and friends.

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