Explore the Unique Dining Experience with these Top Restaurants in Maldives

Naveed Abbas
Naveed Abbas

Are you looking for a romantic and beautiful place to dine with your partner? Well, we have a list of fantastic Restaurants in Maldives that you can consider. Maldives has become the hub of tourists, especially newlywed couples. You will find a wide variety of sea food, international cuisines, and several local dishes, along with Asian and Mediterranean food.

The Maldives trip is an incredible idea to reconnect to yourself or to bring the spice back into your relationship. You will enjoy the beauty of the underwater seafood menu in different underwater restaurants in Maldives. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. Enjoy the incredible journey!

Why Restaurants in Maldives are Famous?

Maldives is famous for its beautiful restaurants and food around the globe. People show great positivity and excitement while visiting these restaurants. The one reason behind their fame is the clear water of the Indian Ocean and the rich sea life. It has the ability to attract visitors with huge capacity. Moreover, the sand decks and beautiful scenes of sunset and sunrise.

Moreover, the beautiful scenes of marine life are a whole new world in itself. You can see the turtles, fishes, and a wide variety of colorful coral in front of your eyes while dining with your loved one. Further, you will observe reef sharks and other beautiful underwater creatures freely swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Other than that, the cultural Maldivian food is also a great source of tourist attraction. People around the world like the local Fish curry of that area.

Read further to find out about the top resorts in the Maldives

What is the famous food of Maldives?

There is a large variety of seafood that you will get in Maldives. They serve several local and globally renowned dishes for visitors. In the following section, we are going to discuss about some of these famous foods from the Maldives:


It is a very delicious and traditional dish of Maldives made from Tuna fish. The dish is a type of fish broth. It has three ingredients: fish, water, and salt. You can eat this with rice or roshi. However, try it with Maldivian chapati, which will give you an extra taste.

Mas Huni

It is a breakfast dish again made of tuna. It has different ingredients, such as Tuna, onion, shredded coconut, and chilies. They put all the ingredients in a bowl and sprinkle salt and paper. They usually served it Maldevinin flatbread and hot sweat tea.

Fihuna Mas

It is a very common and simple fish available in the Maldives. The dish consists of a whole fish drilled either in oven steam or on hot coals. They first apply cumin, curry leaves, chili, onion, garlic, peppercorns, and salt. Further, they add more spices to the fish to make it more delicious.

Handulu Bondibai

It is a sweat-fueled dessert made of sticky rice. They served it for special occasions, for example, only for someone’s birthday or holiday. They serve it either with sago, breadfruit, or just simple rice.


It is a unique and tasty tea-time snack that will increase the enjoyment of your tea to the next level. It is like the samosas, as it is filled with dough. They use to fry it until it gets golden brown and fully cooked. The filling can be made of any stuff. However, the most famous bajiya is made of a grilled tune.

There is a wide variety of cuisines that you can enjoy in the Maldives, along with several other options in the breakfast buffet. Pack your things and fly toward the delicious Maldivian delights!

The Most Stunning Underwater Restaurants in Maldives

Are you ready to take the most stunning tour of the beautiful underwater restaurants of Maldives? They are one of a kind and can be a lifetime experience for you.

Itha Undersea Restaurant: Breath Under the Water

It is a beautiful underwater restaurant built under 16 feet of the Indian Ocean. Sitting in this beautiful restaurant, you can view the sea life through 180 degrees while enjoying the incredible food. You will get magnificent views in this restaurant that you have never seen before.

This restaurant is unique because you can book it for private breakfasts, weddings, parties, or other occasions.

It is the world’s only all-made-of-glass underwater restaurant. You will get European cuisine in this restaurant. Enjoy your meal underwater!

Subsix: Enjoy Your Mean with Levishness

It is more like an underwater playground or nightclub rather than a restaurant. Every architectural shape and interior design inside this restaurant represents the sea features. It has a bar shaped like a sea shell and the chandeliers shaped like a coral. Above all, in the restaurant, you will see the blue sea lights all around the restaurant.

In short, sitting in a restaurant, you will feel like everything is made of the ocean, and you are sitting in the sea. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest restaurants in the Maldives, you can easily visit it even on a low budget.  Enjoy the thrilling place of Maldives and get incredible experiences!

SEA: Watch the Sea with Your Naked Eyes

The beautiful restaurant in Anantara Kihava is everything you need to get the best sea experience. You will get one of the most delicious ranges of wines that is spanning for 90 years. Moreover, they allow you to swim, dart, and dance while enjoying your meal.

It is one of the most wonderful and extraordinary places to visit in the Maldives.

5.8 Undesea Resturent

Take your partner to one of the exotic restaurants in the Maldives It is a beautiful place for lunch and having a sunset dinner. However, the restaurant is a bit expensive compared to other options. But who is counting money when you are getting the most beautiful experience with your partner?

Minus Six Meters: Get an Insightful View

It looks like a shining, beautiful gem under the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean. The restaurant allows you to dine in for free if you stay at that place for more than 4 days. The restaurant is situated under the 20 feet of blue lagoon in the ocean. You can visit this place with your loved one and enjoy the beautiful and delicious champagne breakfast of your life.

Most Stunning Restaurants in the Maldives

You have gone through the beautiful underwater restaurants of Maldives, which will be an incredible experience. However, there are several other restaurants for the visitors with great potential. Let’s explore Maldive’s most Beautiful restaurants and their special offerings:

Jazz Café

It is a simple and elegant cafe which is quite popular among youngsters. The restaurant is famous for its special cuisine and warm atmosphere. The cuisines include different Western and Mediterranean cuisines. They survive your food with music and a cozy environment. However, the restaurant is famous for its delicious pastries, coffee, and gelatos. The restaurant is situated in the Male, which is the capital of Maldives. It lies in the heart of the city, which is a very beautiful place to be around.

KITCHEN, W Maldives

The restaurant is located at the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma in Maldives. The restaurant provides you with a full view of the beautiful azure sea of the Indian Ocean. You will feel calm and peaceful while sitting there. Further, you will enjoy delightful seafood, different cuisines, and international food at this restaurant.

Muraka restaurant

Muraka is the local word of the Maldivian language that means “Coral”. Muraka is the perfect name for a restaurant situated on a live coral reef. The restaurant is situated on open water and provides a beautiful sunset view to the diners.

The restaurant serves an excellent variety of food with wine and champagne to its visitors. On Wednesday, you will enjoy a delicious lobster night with your family or partner. Moreover, they have a signature dish of Yellowfin tuna tartare.

Symphony Lagoon

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Maldives. The restaurant shows a complete local culture and serves almost all the local Maldivian brands for the customer. It has been serving the best quality food for almost 32 years. You will get several delicious fusions and cuisines at those restaurants. They even personalized their services according to the customer’s requirements.

Sky Above, Sand Below, Peace Within!

Maldives is getting more and more tourist attention with each day. They provide excellent services with high-profile luxury and protocol to their visitors. Moreover, the place has become an excellent spot for an underwater seafood menu to enjoy the meal among marine life. You can enjoy the food of the Maldives by staying in the top resorts in Maldives with your family. Grab your tickets so you can make your dining experience in the Maldives worthwhile.

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